The Preserver™

About The Preserver™

A Simple, Effective, And Affordable Gravity Separator For Stormwater Treatment

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The Treatment System

The Preserver™ is an innovative, retrofittable stormwater treatment device. Preservers™ are used as stand-alone BMPs, providing proven performance to meet project requirements. The Preserver™ system is also a great option for pretreatment, protecting downstream BMPs, providing an easily accessible and inexpensive maintenance point, while also reducing your site's overall maintenance costs.

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The Components

The Preserver™ consists of two components, the Energy Dissipator and the Skimmer. Components can be utilized individually or in tandem as needed to meet project goals.

A rendering of The Preserver™ product in action

The Preserver™ Energy Dissipator

  • Installed at the structure inlet(s)
  • Nearly eliminates pollutant washout at high flows
  • Enhances pollutant removal at low flows
  • Designed and tested to work with or without a skimmer
A rendering of the The Preserver™ product in action

The Preserver™ Skimmer

  • Installed at the structure outlet
  • Traps floatable pollutants like trash, oil, & gas
  • Enhances capture of organics like leaves, algae, seeds, & blooms

The Preserver™ Advantage

Features & Benefits

  • All components are retrofittable through a Ø24” (600mm) opening
  • All components are adjustable to accommodate pipe protrusions and to avoid installation obstructions
  • Accommodates pipe diameters up to Ø48” (1200mm)
  • Easy to install, access, inspect, & maintain

Third-Party Verification

  • Rigorous lab testing up to 16 CFS (450 L/S)
  • Computational fluid dynamics up to 175 CFS (5,000 L/S)
  • Extensive field monitoring under extreme conditions including heavy debris loading, freezing conditions, & large drainage areas/flows

Are you new to The Preserver™? It was introduced in the MN market in 2014, and has since been installed from coast-to-coast in the U.S. and Canada. We stand behind our product with an industry-leading guarantee, afforded by The Preserver’s™ industry-leading track record. Use with confidence.